Executing on the 50+20 vision and key implementation priorities identified rests with Business- and Management Educators that recognise the urgent need to transform their own institutions and offerings and are prepared to work collaboratively to bring about such change. A number of individuals and institutions have taken initiative to plan and propose projects that work toward the implementation of the 50+20 Vision. These projects are open initiatives and designed to be participant-driven and participant-funded.

The following initiatives are currently open for enrollment or participation:

Global Doctoral Alliance

Innovation Cohort

Other initiatives

The starting point for the work of this Alliance is the question “what does the 50+20 vision hold for the development of future capable faculty and doctoral programs in particular?”. There are several avenues for engagement in this work including the development of:

  • Specialist Resource Library
  • Doctoral Tracks
  • A pioneering Doctoral Programme
  • GDA Student Network
For more on the GDA please contact us.
This global peer-based laboratory enables management educators, leadership developers and organizational leaders to innovate and transform their own organizations and offerings around the key roles articulated in the 50+20 vision: educating globally responsible leaders; enabling business to become the best for the world; and engaging with societal transformation.
  • Collaboratory Bench Circles: Create and install permanent collaboratory circles in visible global locations
  • 50+20 MOOC Pilot: A proposal for several institutions to jointly develop a Massive Open Online Course focused on Responsible Leadership and Sustainable Business and to offer it via an establishment MOOC platform.