Innovation Cohort

Flyer: Programme Director Innovation Cohort

A global peer-based laboratory of management educators, leadership developers and organizational leaders innovating and transforming their organizations and offerings around the key roles articulated in the 50+20 vision: educating globally responsible leaders; enabling business to become the best for the world; engaging with societal and economic transformation.

This action-oriented learning and innovation opportunity is designed over nine months with four face-to-face working sessions each held over three days and peer-to-peer work in between meetings.

Cohort participants will define and initiate a transformative change outcome or program for his/her organization. The facilitated co-learning format of the cohort offers a safe space within which participants may pilot and refine their transformation projects. This will be the second intake of the Innovation Cohort. An overview of the pioneering 2013/2014 Cohort and their projects will give you a preview of what you might expect.

At the end of the program each participant would have:

  • Explored and developed paths for implementing programs and initiatives within their organization or specific area of responsibility.
  • Immersed themselves in a variety of emergent learning methodologies and piloted advanced methods for evaluation of learning.
  • Ensured their operations are positioned and recognized as being rigorous and relevant and at the forefront of what is needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Engaged and inspired their organizations in the direction of the 50+20 Vision.
  • Equipped themselves to improve their own program quality as assessed by students/participants/clients.
  • Addressed their own personal objectives and ambitions with clear action plans.

We will also develop a joint cohort publication on key learning experiences to be shared with a global audience of peers through AACSB International and EFMD.