Towards an economy that serves each individual

A public interest organisation in Switzerland believes that globalization can and should serve and enhance the common good. At an international summit hosted annually they bring together over 200 entrepreneurs, economists, politicians and NGO representatives for the purpose of bringing more humanity into the process of globalization and making practical recommendations to leaders for an economy serving the human person and the common good. They aim to inspire and equip an emerging generation of leaders who may implement key recommendations from these Summit meetings through a number of selected projects.
Zermatt Summit

Zermatt Summit

The Zermatt Summit – Humanizing Globalization conference is the primary platform for changing the hearts and minds of business leaders. We see the entire population as equal and, with that in mind, we present and promote models for a sustainable, more human world with a more just form of globalization. To do this, we need to reinstate the economy to its role of serving the each individual.

The Zermatt Summit Foundation’s vision is based on the GRLI’s focus on returning to entrepreneurship, leadership and statesmanship. The theme of the 2011 Zermatt Summit was ‘Servant Leadership’, and in 2012 it is ‘Towards the Common Good’. As well as talks, the summits involve interactive work in small groups. Through this, and through public debates, we aim to inspire a new generation of leaders who will implement what they have learned to vastly improve the world we live in.

Outside of the summits, education plays a leading role in effecting the much needed change. We have strong links with leading, state-of-the-art business and management education faculties whom recommend to executives and students alike. We constantly work to develop our existing contacts with these schools and with business networks; we also build new bridges and work with these contacts to create new programs. For example, one of our partners, the business network called Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants (, has several thousand European SMEs as members and has developed a unique program for entrepreneurship and leadership called Copernicus, based on action and experiential learning. It is programs such as this, which focus on transformative and issue-centered learning, and on reflective practice, that have the power to educate the responsible leaders of the future.

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