Bespoke management education

A joint venture between a Swiss University and company offers courses on CSR and Sustainability aimed at business executives with a strong focus on interactivity and business concerns. Because it is a demand-led course facilitated by a private company required changes to the curriculum can be made at short notice.

University of GenevaAt MHC International and the University of Geneva, we create courses on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability aimed at business executives, with a strong focus on interactivity and current business concerns. Responsibility and responsible leadership are at the heart of our teaching; to date around 130 people have graduated from our various programs.

Now starting in its fifth year, our programme is a joint venture between an active business, MHC International Ltd and a University. This allows for maximum flexibility in teaching style and material, to the extent that the same course is being replicated with MHCi in George Mason University, Washington D.C., and Dublin University, Ireland. Because it is a demand-led course, we are easily able to change our curriculum to meet needs and react to our students’ interests and concerns, even at a day’s notice.

Our aim is not to produce esoteric articles on which to base our teaching. Instead, we our foundation is practicality and sound theory. To date we have use around 40‐50 speakers a year drawn from the private sector, academia, NGOs and the United Nations.

We have a clear theoretical basis, supported by top faculty who have extensive experience. Our teachers are charismatic, meaning our students finish each day with their eyes shining and a desire to return the following morning.

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