A curriculum that supports student self-development

While many business and management schools consider the study of sustainable development as a specialist subject, a business school based in France places the field at the heart of its MSc Management course. Inspired by the six PRME principles, the school’s transformative and issue-centered learning approach encourages students to pursue their own goals, following a Pro-Act pedagogy and curricula that are more relevant to the students’ own personal and business needs. 

Euromed Management recognized the need for change in their approach to management education and adopted the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) in order to create a learning environment that benefits their students and global society as a whole.

Personal development plays a strong role in Euromed’s Management MSc program, which follows a philosophy of student self-development. Euromed also follow a Pro-Act pedagogy which forges stronger links between the academic curriculum and the students’ own professional projects, allowing each individual to customize their own studies while pursuing their own dreams.

Euromed have further developed a pedagogical project based on managing in diversity and managing complexity in a responsible framework, with the aim of training students how to grow in their professions with ease and confidence. Multiple progressive course modules, including responsibility, governance and / or sustainable development, have been incorporated into the core of the first year of the course.

The business school maintains strong links with the practising business world through the Responsible Managers’ Network, as well as sharing research and learning through their membership in a number of groups such as Research Committee 21 and PRME.

Since 2002, Euromed has worked in partnership with Metizo, an organization that promotes teamwork and global and environmental consciousness, actively supporting students to build their companies by providing them with access to managers from various backgrounds. Euromed also maintains a strong collaborative track record through several research programs involving AG2R-Prémalliance, ETHOMED and a research partnership with Umeå School of Business and Economics.

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