Supercharging knowledge transfer with technology

The degree of innovation in technologies that enables the creation, transmission, distribution, deployment, application and use of education is rapidly expanding. In January 2012 one of the largest global textbook publishers announced a partnership that plans to offer more data-driven and individualized courses, utilizing technology to enable personalised learning that reduces the need for a middle-man, particularly with functional technical content.

The future of management education is clearly digital, leaving little room for printed works – at least in developed countries. Students can already learn functional knowledge via their mobile reading and writing devices, including standard testing of basic disciplinary knowledge.

Pearson – a large learning company in education, business information and consumer publishing – has recently announced a partnership to create a new range of education products with education technology provider Knewton. The first products will be used by students in developmental programs across the US, including developmental mathematics, developmental English and developmental writing.

Pearson’s MyLab and Mastering programs provide personalized learning for students around the globe, helping educational institutions improve student performance and lower costs.

Knewton’s Adaptive Learning Platform uses proprietary algorithms to deliver a personalized learning path for each student by identifying their strengths, weaknesses and unique learning style. Taking into account both personal proficiencies and course requirements, the platform adapts learning materials to each student’s needs, delivering the most relevant content in the most efficient and effective form.

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