Bench 6: Toons One

This bench will form part of 50+20’s Emerging Benchmarks mobile exhibit and prototyping platform, where management education FOR the world can be prototyped, demonstrated and shared during RIO+20.
  • Name: Toons One
  • Occupation: Graffiti Artist
  • Country / City: Los Angeles, USA
  • In Collaboration with: Tazroc


Toons One was born and raised in southern california and has for the last 30 years studied, taught, practiced and mastered “style writing” aka “graffiti art” combining many automotive customizing techniques with indigenous images to invoke a “customized spiritual funk style” working on many different objects besides normal canvases to bring a practical functionality to his art. He has traveled to many countries and participated and organized many successful art exhibitions and creative events. He spends his time between Europe and the US collaborating, organizing and participating in events balancing his commercial and fine art career.

Design & Concept of materials:

I will be working together with another artist from Los Angeles CA. by the name of Tazroc. Both of us coming from the “Lowrider” custom car culture we decided to come with a design for the bench in this style. We will build the bench from wood and paint it in the “lowrider style” with colorful patterns, pinstriping reclaimed car parts and a custom upholstered seat cushion to give it that “true Los Angeles” style. Los Angeles CA is the “auto mecca” and Tazroc and Myself represent the traditional autoworker as well as the originators of the Lowrider culture which consists of African and Mexican Americans.