Bench 2: Abrie von Wielligh & Norman Meyer

This bench will form part of 50+20’s Emerging Benchmarks mobile exhibit and prototyping platform, where management education FOR the world can be prototyped, demonstrated and shared during RIO+20.

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Bench Design & Materials

The legs are made from old motor suspension while the seat and back is constructed from an invasive wood species found in the area. For covering we are using woven box strapping that was recovered from shipping yards. Some of the box strappings were collected at a timber yard that sells rare African Woods – many which are endangered and not FSC certified. The legs can easily fold and the backrest and seat simply slides over the extended frame.

Design Philosophy and Biography

 “Nature provides an array of colours, textures and materials that enhance creative design possibilities. We enjoy a design challenge, especially if we can play around with beautiful woods and interesting finishing”

Passionate about nature, the company Meyer Von Wielligh continues to pursue environmental sustainability in all aspects of their work and personal lives. One of their projects is the creation of  a tree nursery on the company’s premises and they continue to educate staff and associates on green principles of manufacturing and living.