University of St. Gallen

Business School and University offers joint Diploma in Sustainable Business

A Swiss Business School teamed up with a leading Swiss University and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to launch a postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Business that offers participants a unique opportunity to reflect on the major challenges our planet, society and businesses are facing in the coming decades. Participants gain a holistic understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities by revisiting issues and questions in ever-deepening cycles of action learning through their in-company consulting team project. Faculty have concrete applied business experience in their respective fields (sustainability marketing, innovation, strategy, risk management, etc.) to ensure experiential learning in the classroom.

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The St. Gallen retreat – 28 to 30 August, 2011

The University of St. Gallen hosted the second 50+20 retreat from 28 to 30 August 2011.

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