Bespoke management education

A joint venture between a Swiss University and company offers courses on CSR and Sustainability aimed at business executives with a strong focus on interactivity and business concerns. Because it is a demand-led course facilitated by a private company required changes to the curriculum can be made at short notice.

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Business School and University offers joint Diploma in Sustainable Business

A Swiss Business School teamed up with a leading Swiss University and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to launch a postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Business that offers participants a unique opportunity to reflect on the major challenges our planet, society and businesses are facing in the coming decades. Participants gain a holistic understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities by revisiting issues and questions in ever-deepening cycles of action learning through their in-company consulting team project. Faculty have concrete applied business experience in their respective fields (sustainability marketing, innovation, strategy, risk management, etc.) to ensure experiential learning in the classroom.

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Towards an economy that serves each individual

A public interest organisation in Switzerland believes that globalization can and should serve and enhance the common good. At an international summit hosted annually they bring together over 200 entrepreneurs, economists, politicians and NGO representatives for the purpose of bringing more humanity into the process of globalization and making practical recommendations to leaders for an economy serving the human person and the common good. They aim to inspire and equip an emerging generation of leaders who may implement key recommendations from these Summit meetings through a number of selected projects.

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