RIO+20 Benches

Bench 11: Getúlio Damado

This bench will form part of 50+20’s Emerging Benchmarks mobile exhibit and prototyping platform, where management education FOR the world can be prototyped, demonstrated and shared during RIO+20. Name: Getúlio Damado Occupation: Craftsman and Artist Country / City: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil  Biography “Money does grow on trees” and Getúlio literally lives on and off the road. […]

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Bench 12: Tita Nigrí and Lis Rudge

Tita studied at the School of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro Federal University and soon began an internship at the Editora UFRJ. She assisted in assembling the Grupo Estação cinema where she worked on creating movie posters, folders and all the graphics of the company, including the visual identity of Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, an annual international show created and produced by the Group.

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Bench 13: Mik Biersack

The well-known design principle “less is more” should refer in my opinion not only to design issues, but also to all aspects of life as a general approach and philosophy. But to get to the heart of somehing, is also the hardest way.

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