• Innovation Cohort

    Innovation Cohort

    A global peer-based laboratory of management educators, leadership developers and organizational leaders innovating and transforming their organizations and offerings around the key roles articulated in the 50+20 vision: educating globally responsible leaders; enabling business to become the best for the world; engaging with societal and economic transformation. This action-oriented learning and innovation opportunity is designed […]

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  • Book: Management Education for the World

    Book: Management Education for the World

      Now Available: Order your copy now at Edward Elgar Publishing or by the eBook online at eBooks.com  Management Education for the World speaks to everybody concerned or passionate about the future of management education: consultants, facilitators, entrepreneurs and leaders in organizations of any kind, as well as policymakers and others with an interest in new and […]

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  • The Purpose of the Corporation and transforming Management Education

    Mark Drewell, CE of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, speaking at “The Purpose of the Corporation Conference” held in Brussels on 11 February 2014.

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  • 50+20 Agenda

    50+20 Agenda

    The 50+20 Agenda describes a vision for the transformation of management education, in which the common tenet of being the best in the world is revised in favor of creating businesses that are designed and led to achieve the best for the world. The vision was developed over the course of 18 months and through a series of consultative workshops, retreats and meetings across 5 continents with contributions from more than 100 thought leaders and academics, with many more participating in online stakeholder surveys.

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  • RIO+20 Documentary

    From 14 to 19 June 2012 during the RIO+20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro, the 50+20 film team documented some of the experiences and unique encounters and meetings that 50+20 contributors took part in. The documentary segments and interviews are now available for viewing on the 50+20 site or as a playlist on YouTube.

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  • 50+20 Renewing Business Education in Asia Conference (17 July 2014)

    50+20 Renewing Business Education in Asia Conference (17 July 2014)

    The Faculty of Business of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is spearheading efforts to reset the management education agenda in the Asian region. With Asia becoming a powerful economic force, the Faculty believes this is the right time for the convergence of all stakeholders to articulate the future of business schools, entrepreneurship, and the workplace […]

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